I have felt discriminated against as a woman for as long as I can remember

From things such as men only talking to me to see if I would go home with them.

To walking outside to a group of guys, who immediately stop talking.

A situation arose the other week where I noticed that I was listening to some male friends speaking.

We were standing around, and having an open conversation.

The minute I started talking about a subject, the guys started to talk among themselves.

Some even walked away.

The only open ears left were those of my female friends.

Now maybe I have just grown numb to this behaviour over the years, but this time it almost reduced me to tears.

To feel like your voice is not heard, even in a group of your friends, is quite disorientating

This is not all of my male friends by the way.

I also don’t believe those young men were even aware of what they were doing.

Young men, old men, listen to me

To practice feminism we need to be accepting of everyone.

Everyone has a voice

Everyone has a story

If someone is kind enough to listen to you

You should show them the same kindness.

Listening is key

Try understanding a new perspective

Openness leads to knowledge

Knowledge leads to understanding

Understanding leads to love



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